Aquino & Co., Inc.

A World-Class Shipping Import and Export Company

Welcome to Aquino & Company's website!

Aquino & Co prides itself with a network of reliable associates that have dedicated many years orchestrating the global movement of products in a cost-effective and efficient way.

As an expert facilitator of imported goods, Aquino & Co is a unique service provider to small and mid-size businesses in the US, Latin America, the Carribean and many other countries. We have many years of dedicated experience dealing with large retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, as well as large supermarket chains in Central and South America. We also service large newspaper companies which buy large quantities of promotional materials, toys and electronic items. We specialize with sourcing of product from China -- we can find what you are looking for, or find a source to manufacture the custom-made products you need for your business.

Aquino & Co provides the professional services you need, including:

1. Securing sources of low-cost products, including toys, household goods, gadgets, promotional and printed materials, clothes, and many other products
2. Inspection of factory conditions to assure safe and healthy working conditions
3. Development of samples and any printed materials, and a thorough inspection prior to delivery
4. Certification of quality of materials to meet global customs standards
5. Screening of vendors
6. Securing shipping transportation for your products at the lowest cost possible

If you are a small to medium-sized business that needs assistance with any or all of the services above, you need Aquino & Co's professional services. As our client, we will help you navigate through complicated logistics, moving product from point a to point b, in a cost-effective way. We have a network of vendors and shipping companies ready to help keep your company competitive in a global marketplace. Contact us today for more information!